Mission Statement


Pagan Pride South is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to promote paganism along the South Coast of England.

For some people paganism is a misunderstood voice. Our aim is to provide an accurate representation of pagan beliefs and help people appreciate pagan influence on our collective culture and heritage.

In the celebration of diversity we can inform our communities, build bridges to overcome prejudice and engage in community projects.


What is Paganism?


Most pagans practise a historic and emergent spirituality that honours the Earth and recognises the interdependent relationship of all living things. This can find expression through the solar and lunar cycles and festivals recognising the changing seasons and acknowledging the way these can reflect and help inform our own lives.


What do Pagans follow?


Many pagans revere Gods and Goddesses found in pre-Christian and classical mythology and recognise the divine in multiple guises. Others experience the divine in a single form. Some identify with particular expressions within Paganism such as Witches, Wiccans, Druids, Heathens or forms of Shamanism, others with ancient Celtic or indigenous beliefs. Some practice forms of magic[k] based upon ancient grimoires or text books. Others adopt a postmodern approach and mix and match divergent ideas. It can sound complicated but the easiest thing to do is to talk to someone for yourself!


Why is Paganism growing?


Paganism seems to appeal to those who sense an enchantment within the earth and reminds of our place in the universe and its multiple expressions liberates us from the constraints of dogmatic religion. Paganism is broadly ecological, egalitarian and libertine.



How many Pagans are there in the UK?


Paganism is thought to be the fastest growing ‘religion’ in the UK and there are probably more pagans in this country now than at any time since the Romans. Historian Professor Ronald Hutton, a leading authority on British paganism, suggests there could be as many as a quarter of a million practicing pagans.


So why have a Pagan Pride Event?


Our aim is to provide an opportunity to unite pagans across the south coast of England in a family friendly environment where we can share tales, songs, music and dance in a creative way that celebrates our shared experience as pagans.


What do we hope to achieve?


We want to play our part in the community - so that people from all paths of spirituality can join together to form peaceful, constructive and well balanced bonds with one another, to create lasting relationships which will benefit individuals and enrich society.


What about those Pagans who say their beliefs are private and should stay that way?


Within modern paganism there are a number of different traditions, many are public with numerous publications and posts explaining their ethos. Some are mystery traditions whose secrets are kept within their membership. Both are equally valid. Pagan Pride South, with other organisations, aims to promote a collective pagan voice that provides a forum for discussion and support for those who wish to find out more about paganism.


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