Pagan Pride South 2016


The Pagan Pride South parade 2016 took place on Sunday 21st August. It started at The Bargate, the parade walked up through the centre of the city to New Road then down into Palmerston Park.

The parade was full, exciting and colourful with people drumming, chanting, dancing, laughing, singing and more.

At Palmerston Park there was a whole range of craft stalls, entertainment, workshops, talks, performers, dance area, info tent, food stalls and so much more.


This event was free and open to all.


If you would like to join our team and help in the preparations for PPS 2017 please contact us at:


Also please join our groups at:

Photos by:

Sarah Goad ~


Angie Estlea -

Video by

Stefania Unida -

Our first Summer Festival was absolutely amazing!

The list of thank yous is endless but here goes:

We'd like to thank all of those who came for the day, how fantastic it was to share this with you. To all our wonderful volunteers who did a brilliant job of keeping everything under control throughout the day. The awesome stall holders with there fabulous items for sale. The lovely caterers with their delicious choices of food. The amazing Bang To Rites drummers who were perfectly noisy throughout the parade and the rest of the day, Talking Heads Bike Club who lead our parade in style. Samantha from Hot Lime Graphics, for doing loads of our posters. To all those who have donated or sponsored us inculding: The Centre for Pagan Studies, Three Hares, Pagan Federation, Chi Coffee, Kitchen Witch Coven & Children of Artemis. Lynn for making Becky's beautiful dress. Sarah for the wonderful photographs. Ralf for being the best facebook group admin in the world ever! The Southampton Witches for all the support, fundraising and donations. Dave, Alex and Ziggy from SignCo for making and putting up all our signs. The wonderful belly dancers. All our brilliant speakers: Rachel, Merlyn, Lokabandhu and Sorita. All our awesome bands: Loxley, Corvus, Mad Magdalen, Spriggan Mist and Inkubus Sukkubus.

Extra huge thanks goes to Cath & Dave from CoA for all the help advice and guidance over this last year.

Another extra huge thanks to Baz, Aaron, Maxine & Brianna for being our heroes and sorting all our sound issues out.

And last but not least a huge thanks goes out to our families: Angela, Nathan, Joel, David, Alex, Emily, Riley, Jane & Wayne for everyting that we have put them through over the last year and still being here with us today.

Love you all.

See you all next year 20/08/2017

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